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Field Hockey Stick Guide
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Field Hockey Stick Features
Composite Stick Range
Stick Length
Stick Weight
Features of Composite Field Hockey Stick Range
Grays continues to develop their composite range of field hockey sticks for every level of the game. It is their use of hi-tech fibers specially formulated in the right directions and areas of the handle, blade and toe of each stick, that gives every model in the range its own individual playing characteristics.
• Latest thermographite technology providing consistent balance and feel
• High performance and durability
• Multi-directional fiber matrix construction for unique playing characteristics
• Handcrafted Standard handle construction

Composite Reinforcing Components
Graphene Adds unique combination of powerful energy transfer and shock absorbing properties.
Carbon Adds stiffness to the stick. The strength of the fibers help to deliver powerful hits.
Aramid Adds strength to the stick and helps dampen vibration.
Fiberglass Sleeve wrapped around the entire stick adds strength, durability and ball speed. Also helps to dampen vibration.

Features of our Wooden Field Hockey Stick Range
Even in this composite era, some players still prefer the touch and feel of a wooden mulberry head against the ball.
• Durable head construction
• Increased control when dribbling and receiving the ball
KN Model
• Graphene Enhanced Technology for greater energy transfer and performance.
• Graphene composite construction gives great power when hitting and improved response when controlling the call
• Exceptional balance & agility

GR Model
• Graphene Enhanced Technology for greater energy transfer and performance.
• Excellent dribbling and stopping control with the IFA zone.

HS Model
• Rear spine adds “core stability” to the ear of the stick
• Tri-Tec carbon allows harder hits and better energy transfer
• Shape allows players increased hand speed.

• Generates “sling” momentum when executing the drag flick technique
• Creates improved “reach zone” over which you can dribble the ball
• Makes passes more easily on the backhand side
• Combo of continuous blade and head profile make 3D skills easier to perform

• Greater consistency in performance when hitting
• Improved stability against torsional forces when controlling the ball and when hitting
• Improved feel and handling response when controlling the ball

• New revised head and blade profile setting combine to help drag flicking ability
• Lower bow position helps drag flick and 3D skills
• Lower blade curve helps extend the player's “reach zone”
• Improves consistency of Low Backhand Zone skills

• Improved control
• Good for high level technical skills
• Improves consistency of Low Backhand Zone skills

• Curved head profile helps improve dribbling skills
• Allows players to lift the ball easily in close contact situations

• Classic shape - ideal for all types of player
• Straighter curve helps keep hit passes along the pitch surface
• Good first touch feel

Elite Composite Field Hockey Stick Features
Twin Tube Construction
1. Twin tube construction
2. Strengthening wall adding to the construction and giving consistent performance
3. Special contour to give additional protection against the effects of synthetic pitches
4. Extra reinforcement for ‘Low Back Hand Zone’1
Improved Feel Area (IFA)
The IFA absorbs the initial ball contact with the surface of the stick head and provides a softer feel. Our special combination of shock absorbing fibers improves first touch control and creates a better feel.
Energy Reduction Handle (ERH)
The Grays Energy Reduction Handle is designed to reduce the impact energy transmitted from the head of the stick through the blade and into the hands, wrists and forearms. The thermo rubber sleeve around the handle helps to reduce and soften the handle so it helps to improve the players control and feel when both hitting and receiving, leading to improved first touch on the ball.
General Size and Features Help
Field Hockey Stick Weight
Most players use a medium weight stick (M). Light sticks (L) are sometimes used by offensive players for quicker stickwork. Heavy sticks (H or T) are sometimes preferred by defensive players to increase the power of drives and the weight of the stick for tackling.
Weight Number of Ounces
Indoor (I) 17-18oz.
Superlite (SL) 18-19oz.
Junior(J) or Light (L) 19-20oz.
Medium (M) 21-22oz.
Heavy (H ot T) 23-24oz.
Field Hockey Stick Length
There are many theories regarding the best field hockey stick length for a player, but generally stick length is a function of height.
Height Stick Length
3'5" & under 24"
3'6" - 3'7" 26"
3'7" - 4'0" 28"
4'1" - 4'3" 30"
4'4" - 4'6" 32"
4'7" - 5'0" 34"
5'1" - 5'3" 35"
5'4" - 5'6" 36"
5'7" - 5'9" 37"
5'10" + 38"
Blade Profiles
All Grays, CranBarry & OBO Field Hockey Sticks meet the 25mm Bow Limit

Playing face has been re-engineered to increase dragflick zone. Flat backhand edge has been increased to generate extra striking power. Perfect for dragflicking, 3D skills and aerials.

PROBOW: 24.75mm, 200mm Curve Location
The "Probow" combines a straight contoured upper shape section with the curve positioned down the blade to help generate excellent “drag flick” momentum. The curve location is now contoured at the lowest legal position allowed within the FIH regulations. The Probow shape has been developed working with the world’s top penalty corner specialists.

JUMBOW: 24.75mm, 200mm Curve Location
The "Jumbow" blade profile is designed and shaped with a curve lower down the blade to help generate "drag flick" momentum and creates improved "reach zone" over which players can dribble the ball.

DYNABOW: 24.75mm, 250mm Curve Location
The “Dynabow” blade profile is shaped with a curve positioned down the blade to help generate good “drag flick” momentum. It is an optimum profile for both technical play and flicking skills.

MID-BOW: 24.75mm, 300mm Curve Location
The "Mid-Bow" blade profile shape has been repositioned more in the mid section of the blade. The bow is shaped and contoured continuously along the handle to the head to improve the angle at which the stick head comes into contact with the ball. It will help give players the technical edge in performing today’s 3D hockey skills.

ULTRABOW: 20mm, 300mm Curve Location
The ultrabow profile is the classic shape associated with field hockey sticks. It has a traditional bow along the length of the handle and blade.

Micro Toe Ideal head thickness forhitting, combined with thinner toe profile ideal for both drag flicking and 3D skills.
Maxi Toe Combining the extra receiving surface of the hook toe with the hitting power of the midi toe. Excellent for drag-flicks and reverse stick control.
Midi Toe Designed to help players’ technique. It can ‘roll over’ the ball and offers excellent close control. Excellent sweetspot when hitting.

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